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Mallie Law Office is Now Open in Little Falls

little falls family attorney
Mallie Law Office has recently opened a new location in Little Falls, MN. This location is primarily staffed by Kris Erickson, who is excited to be part of the local legal community helping her friends, relatives, and associates with their legal needs.

Little Falls Attorney

kris erickson little falls attorneyKris Erickson intends to become the “go to” lawyer in town. Whether you need a will, trust, power of attorney, health care directive, or help in how to title your assets, she can help. Maybe you have a minor child and need to designate a trustee or a guardian. Maybe you want to avoid probate proceedings or talk about what happens if you or your spouse needs nursing home care. Maybe you need help in passing down the family farm. No matter what your needs, if you are ready to talk, please give Kris Erickson a call.

Although estate planning is where she is most passionate, with the help of her colleagues, she can help set up your business organization, handle a probate proceeding, assist with your real estate needs, provide criminal defense, or help seek relief through the bankruptcy process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Little Falls office directly by calling (320) 639-0004 or stop by the office at 409 East Broadway any time.