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Category: Family Law

What’s Fair During a Divorce?

What Role Does Fairness Have in a Divorce?

Divorce is a process, and it often starts with a conversation. In many ways, that divorce process is difficult to predict—it can be turbulent and toxic or effortless and liberating. The tone …

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Five Common Reasons Couples Choose Divorce

For better or worse, divorce is a relatively common legal proceeding. There’s that well known statistic that something like half of all marriages end in divorce (of course, the statistic doesn’t mention how long those marriages last). The point is …

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Child Support Tips for Both Sides

What is Child Support and Why Does it Exist?

Raising children is challenging. That’s why, in general, the responsibility for such a task is distributed to at least two people—the two people who had a role in the creation of …

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Welcome to our New Website!

Excelling at Family Law in Brainerd, MN!

The legal system can be quite complex, especially when it intersects with relationships that are already emotionally charged. The field of family law, in particular, is full of situations where relationships must be …

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