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Wills Law

Ensuring Your Legacy

Finding a wills lawyer in Brainerd or Little Falls, MN, can be vital. It might often be tempting to write your own will or to rely on online Will-writing services. But a will can be a complex legal document, and it’s in your interests to ensure that the language and formulation of your will is as enforceable and airtight as possible. At its most basic level, a will is a document that describes how to distribute assets, property, and finances after someone has passed away. The more extensive one’s assets and the more extended one’s family and loved ones, the more complex a will tends to be.

A will may also detail topics such as funeral arrangements or burial service preferences, as well as intentions for one’s legacy. As such, it can be an incredibly personal and sensitive legal document. At Mallie Law Office, we recognize the intimate nature of wills, trusts, and wills law. We treat every client with the respect they deserve and work tirelessly to make sure that, in the end, the clients get what they want.

Thinking About the Future

The cliché may be that the time to update your will is just before you go do something dangerous. But that cliché does not reflect the reality. Most people choose to craft or update their wills as they enter mid-life, but there is no reason to wait that long. Indeed, thanks to improved communication and public pressure, we have seen many younger Little Falls and Brainerd residents come in for wills law services. After all, wills are really designed to make things as easy as possible on one’s family after one passes, and the maturity to make that kind of consideration can manifest at any age.

What Exactly Is a Will?

Just about everyone has property and assets, both financial and material. When someone passes away, the ownership of that property and those assets must be transferred. This process is referred to as “probate.” A will works on the assumption that if you own a piece of property you should have a say over what happens to it. A will, therefore, is designed to distribute property and assets through the probate process as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there is a piece of property or an asset that is not covered by the will, then the state makes a determination over how to distribute that.

The state, however, is not known for making quick or particularly sound decisions. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for certain larger assets (such as a home) to end up in probate for months or even years, especially if there are multiple claims on that property. Worse than simply tying someone up financially, this type of claim dispute and resolution can extend the grieving process exponentially, making it more difficult for healing and reconciliation to begin. In other words, this could extend the sadness and grief associated with the passing of a loved one for years.

To avoid that, wills must be specific and descriptive. The attorneys at Mallie Law Office have helped many of our Brainerd area wills clients craft legally binding, considerate, and specific wills. This helps our clients feel as though, should anything happen to them, their affairs are in order and their loved ones will not be left with a mess to clean up.

In this way, wills can help protect your legacy and give your family some added peace.

Additionally, any will can include instructions for memorial services and burials or other end-of-life instructions. Wills are often a place where people decide to record their last testaments and messages to their families. For this reason, we understand that writing a will is not always the most enjoyable task—but it is one that brings with it a significant feeling of peace of mind.

A Necessary Task for Most Clients

Most of our Brainerd area wills clients are incredibly happy that they’ve gotten this piece of legal necessity done. Indeed, most people will agree on the necessity of wills in general. However, it can be one of those tasks that is difficult to make the time for, especially in the course of day-to-day life. It’s tempting, therefore to take a do-it-yourself approach to wills. What you write down on a piece of paper or make generally known to your family may be enough for your loved ones, but it may not be enough for the state.

To ensure your wishes are respected in the arena of law, make sure you have an attorney help you prepare your wills. It’s also worth noting that your wills must be updated over time. To assist you with that, and to make sure you end up with a legally sound will, contact the attorneys at Mallie Law Office to help make that happen.