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Family Law

Helping During Tough Times

There’s an old saying: blood is thicker than water. In this context, it means that family ties—whether that’s a blood-relation family or a legally defined family—are among the strongest and most passionately regarded of all relationships. This means that family ties can yield amazing rewards. But our passions can make it difficult to think straight, to see objectively.

To help families cope with this, Mallie Law specializes in several different aspects of family law broadly defined. From child support orders to divorce proceedings, we protect your interests from the start of the process to the finish, whether you’re formalizing family bonds or going through the painful process of severing them.

Areas of Family Law

The attorneys at Mallie Law Office specialize in several different aspects of family law, many of which are commonly requested by our clients in the Brainerd area. The areas in which we specialize include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Divorce: The dissolution of a marriage may not be the happiest point in your life, but during any divorce proceeding you need an advocate in your corner. There are, after all, many legal steps in any divorce case, and an attorney can help ensure that you get the best—and most fair—deal possible. We work for your interests, but we also recognize how helpful it can be to work cooperatively towards the end goal: the ability to move on with your life.
  • Child Custody: Any time children are involved in the legal system, a light touch is required. We have found that the goal of most parents is pretty simple: what’s best for the children. We work through child custody cases on your behalf to ensure this outcome. Sometimes, the law surrounding child custody can be complex and the cases can be difficult. We work on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.

Family Law Office Brainerd Residents Count On

Family law is often a sensitive matter, and we understand that. Our Brainerd area family law clients who come to Mallie Law Office have learned through experience that our attorneys are compassionate, confidential, and diligent. We work very hard to ensure that our clients get the best possible outcome under the law. After all, the family law legal system is incredibly complex. Having an advocate in your corner is the best way to optimize your chances of success.

To schedule a confidential consultation, contact Mallie Law offices today.